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Current and completed projects with author testimonials


by Danielle Renino


Testimonial from Danielle Renino: 

Coming soon!

Whispers the Blood 

by Danielle Renino

WHISPERS Cover.jpeg

Publication Date: October 31, 2022
Now Available!

Testimonial from Danielle Renino: 

You went above and beyond. Your effort to understand not only my characters, but my vision for the novel, helped shape my story into the best possible version of itself. Anyone can edit on a technical level, but your services went beyond that. You care. You care about what the author you’re working with wants, and you care about creating a product that is polished and professional.

Meeting with you throughout this process was a highlight, not only because you were so excited to talk about my work, but you understood exactly what I was trying to do, and your feedback reflected that. All of your suggestions were spot on and more importantly, they tied back to what I was trying to achieve. While making the decision to self-publish, I was so afraid that I wouldn’t get the same experience that a traditionally published author would have with their editor. I was right, in a way. I got more. Your attention to detail, your enthusiasm, your level of care went so far beyond anything I ever could have hoped for. You were my partner in this, and I can’t thank you enough. This version of my book, this version of WHISPERS THE BLOOD is so far beyond anything I could have accomplished without your help. WHISPERS is my baby, and you took care of my baby. You helped it become something truly exceptional and I CAN’T WAIT to share it with the world :)

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