A Bit About Finch

Overview: While my work and studies has ranged from teaching Intro to College Composition to directing youth theatre, the through-line has been polishing. Whether it is refining how an actor says a line or how a thesis statement is written, I love to help people present their work better. I am passionate about empowering people's voices to tell their story. My range of experiences and training is a strength that helps me meet people where they are and speak to them in a way they can easily understand. 

My studies: for undergrad I earned a BA in English with Teaching Certification. After undergrad, I went to grad school to earn two Masters degrees in Shakespeare (one Master of Letters and one Master of Fine Arts). I consider my English and Theatre degrees to effectively be degrees in written and oral communication.

My work: I have over six years of experience teaching and tutoring writing on the college level. I was a freelance staff writer for Shakespeare Magazine covering Shakespeare theatre events in the Northeast US. I have edited two books (indexing Salvation From Cinema by Dr. Crystal Downing and proofreading The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus edited by Dr. Paul Menzer). Additionally, I have three years of administrative work editing and developing procedures and protocols. Finally, I am currently working as a copy editor for EditorNinja editing tech and marketing copy.