​Brandy, Scared Stiff

          Momento, Mori & Co., Symmonie Preston

Rafe, The Knight of the Burning Pestle

          The Motley Shakespeare Players, Ensemble

Cerimon, Pericles

         The Motley Shakespeare Players, Vanessa Morosco

Rosalind, Sweet are the Uses

          Sweet Wags Shakespeare, Marshall B Garrett

Jaques, As You Like It

         The Motley Shakespeare Players, Liz Bernardo

Jaques, BeYond(er)

         The Motley Shakespeare Players, D. Bechtol & M. Seremet

Lucky, One Woman Town

          MBU Theatre Dept., Marshall B Garrett

Ross, Macbeth

          MBU Shakespeare, D. Bechtol & M. Davies

Spinoso, A City Nightcap

          Sweet Wag Shakespeare, Ensemble

Grumio, The Taming of the Shrew

         Messiah College Theatre Dept., Tom Ryan

As a scholar practitioner, Finch has a wide range of skills, experiences, and interests. In addition to her training as an actor and a director, she has a degree in secondary education and is a published journalist. For her complete resume or for any additional information, please contact her using the form below:


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