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A Finch Merely Edits

Writing is incredibly brave and vulnerable, which is why I am an editor. In all seriousness though, I respect anyone who is willing to put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. As an editor, my goal is to ensure that your story, ideas, and beliefs are getting across to your audience clearly and accurately.

A Bit About Me

One of my earlier memories is sitting at the top of the basement stairs, scrawling loops into a notebook. I didn't know what letters or words or oxford commas were, but I wanted to write. 

Since then, I have earned three college degrees (a BA in English, an MLitt in Shakespeare, and an MFA in Shakespeare), taught college composition for 6 semesters, and developed very strong opinions on commas.


Despite all of this, I never figured out what to put in place of the loops, what my story was to share. Instead I found joy and purpose in working on other people's writings. If you bring the ideas, I will bring the comma knowledge. Sound fair? 


Contact Me

You can also find and contact me on instagram @afinchmerelyedits 
If you are submitting a project inquiry, be sure to give me your general timeline, what type of editing you're looking for, and some information about what your project is!

Thanks for submitting!

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